Car found in Fox River in Oshkosh

Fox River in Oshkosh

Crews pulled a car out of the Fox River in Oshkosh

Oshkosh police and firefighters stated they were called to the 2100 block of Punhoqua Street right before 8:45 a.m. for a report of a vehicle in the Fox River in the area.

Maegan, a resident in Oshkosh, stated she made the call to the cops.

“We were just in the area, we saw the red thing, we thought it was a sign or plastic bag,” stated Maegan.

When Maegan and her friends acknowledged that red thing was actually a car, she informed FOX 11, “It was definitely scary. We wanted to make sure no one was in it, that was one thing we were concerned about that someone’s in it.”

“We were eventually able to locate the red car, it was found that the vehicle was unoccupied and the investigation is still ongoing,” stated Kate Mann with the Oshkosh Police Department.

Firefighters say the doors and windows on the vehicle were closed.

“And thankfully there was no one in there. We don’t know at this time how it ended up in there,” stated John Holland with the Oshkosh Fire Department.

Firefighters stated they didn’t drag the vehicle out of the water because it could’ve resulted in a hazardous spill. Instead they towed the vehicle out.

“They (the police) have the vin number, there was no plate on the car,” stated Holland.

The car seems to be a 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

“This is my 19th year and this is obviously not something we run across every day,” stated Holland.

As for Maegan, she’s relieved no one was harmed.

“There’s a lot of questions but I’m glad we have a little bit of some answers,” she stated.

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