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Peoria Fire Vehicle

Car splits in half in a crash in Illinois but no injuries reported

The Peoria Fire Department has released more details on a crash that split a car in two in Peoria County, Illinois.

A release says both cars sustained significant damage after one car struck the other on the passenger’s side around 8:20 PM.

The sedan split in half at the rear seat.

Three individuals were inside the cars, and all three were out of the cars by the time first responders attended the scene.

They were all admitted to the hospital with “moderate injuries”.

Officials have not released which, if any, party was responsible for the accident or if any citations have been given.

Peoria Police and Fire responded to a two-car accident at the intersection of War Memorial Drive and Sheridan Road before 9:00 PM Monday. Upon arrival, one of the two vehicles that crashed had split entirely in half in the roadway.

The driver of the 4-door sedan that was split was the sole occupant of the vehicle, a police officer on the scene said.

Three people involved were admitted a local hospital with minor injuries.

An officer on the scene said the driver of the car seemed to run a red light while following a family member in a different automobile through the intersection.

The intersection of War Memorial and Sheridan was shut down for about an hour before the scene was cleared around 9:15 PM.

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