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Carlos Ghosn confirmed as Mitsubishi chairman

Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan Motor and Renault, is set to get a 3rd wage after Nissan-controlled Mitsubishi Motors on Wednesday authorized the CEO as its chairman together with a tripling in compensation for board members.

Shareholders enacted favor of raising the ceiling on combined yearly payment for Mitsubishi’s 11 internal and external directors to 3 billion yen ($26.06 million), consisting of 2 billion yen in income and 1 billion yen in stock alternatives.

Mitsubishi has actually revamped leading management and selected Carlos Ghosn to head its 11-member board following Nissan in October took a 34 percent controlling stake in Japan’s sixth-largest car manufacturer, which is having a hard time to recover from a mileage-cheating scandal.

At a special conference, some raised issues about bumping up executive pay while Mitsubishi was on track to publish a yearly net loss after it overemphasized the fuel economy on a lot of its domestic models.

“We didn’t believe it was appropriate to minimize payment while focusing on the business’s healing,” CEO Osamu Masuko informed shareholders.

The car manufacturer stated it was increasing its high-level pay plan to incentivise executives to enhance the business’s management and attract talent.

“Compensation (omitting stock options) will not be doubled if we do not go back to the black next year, for instance. Due to the fact that settlement will be merit-based, if our performance is not good, director wages will reflect that,” he stated.

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