October 31, 2020

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    Audi 2019 e-tron

    Audi develops drone for effective car dispatch process

    German luxury automaker Audi on Tuesday has informed about the induction of a new specially developed drone at its Neckarsulm factory located in Germany. The new drone developed by the automaker, will be used to conserve time and make the dispatch process effective and easier, the automaker said. The autonomous drone developed by Audi, uses […]

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    New rule to it possible to track and identify nearly all drones in the U.S.

    The Federal Aviation Administration will put forward a rule on Thursday which would empower the government to track the majority of the drones in the U.S. The rule will need drones to implement a remote ID system, which will allow third parties to track them. The measure will help law enforcement detect unauthorized drones that […]

    drones in japan

    Huge expectations with the Japan’s drone flying high sector

    From high-street toys to advanced industrial and military airplane, drones are viewed as being at the sharp end of innovation. Yet, paradoxically, typically a few low-tech nations are now producing their own models. The industrial drone organisation is being conquered by advances in crucial elements such as sensing units, lenses and radio control gadgets– and […]

    China avy seize US underwater drone

    China returns underwater drone, U.S. criticizes illegal seizure

    China has returned a U.S. underwater drone seized by one of its naval vessels in the contested South China Sea recently after what it said got along talks with the United States, which reiterated its criticism of the illegal “seizure”. The seizing of the unmanned underwater vehicle in international waters around the Philippines set off […]

    china map

    China will return seized U.S. drone, alleges Washington of ‘hyping up’ incident

    China will return an underwater U.S. drone captured by a naval vessel on Thursday in the South China Sea, both nations stated on Saturday, but Beijing alleged Washington of “hyping up” the incident. U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, who has told to take an aggressive stance in handling China over its financial and military policies, targeted […]

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    Donald Trump

    Donald Trump says China should keep the seized U.S. drone

    On Thursday, China’s Navy seized a US Navy unmanned underwater glider in the South China Sea, although China told that they would return the drone back. U.S. President-elect Donald Trump tweeted later that the Chinese government should be told to keep the drone and not return. “We should tell China that we don’t want the […]

    Facebook Aquila drone

    Facebook’s solar-powered internet drone Aquila crash-landed due to wind

    Facebook‘s solar-powered internet drone Aquila struck during its inaugural test flight in Yuma, Arizona this summertime due to strong winds, federal investigators noted on Friday. As per a report launched by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the drone experienced an unforeseen, effective gust of wind as it came in for a landing that made […]

    China avy seize US underwater drone

    China’s navy captures underwater US drone

    A Chinese warship has seized an underwater drone deployed by an American oceanographic vessel in global waters in the South China Sea– setting off an US protest and demand for its return, authorities stated. The incident occurred Thursday northwest of Subic Bay off the Philippines as the US Navy ship USNS Bowditch– which has a […]

    Ford Motor logo

    Ford registers 1,442 patents, including self-driving car with a drone

    Ford has signed up 1,442 patents this year, the majority of among the largest car manufacturers, consisting of one for a self-driving vehicle that has its own drone. Based upon information assembled by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Toyota was granted 1,368 so far this year, followed by General Motors at 1,131 and Honda […]

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    Investigation not able to verify Porter near-miss with suspected drone

    The Transportation Safety Board (TSB) states it has closed an investigation into a recent near-collision between a Porter plane and what 2 of its team members thought to be a drone. Pilots on board Porter flight 204, from Ottawa to Toronto, were required to divert the aircraft when they encountered an unidentified object at about […]

    Facebook Aquila drone

    Facebook’s solar-powered being investigated after accident

    Facebook has struck a drawback in its strategies to utilize a solar-powered unmanned drone to offer internet access to developing countries, after it was revealed the American National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has started an investigation into an accident on the drone’s first test flight in June. At the time, Facebook referred the flight as […]

    AeroVironment commercial drone the Quantix

    AeroVironment Unveils Hybrid Commercial Drone

    Previously this month, AeroVironment, a company that has been supplying military-grade solutions for over 25 years, introduced its recent commercial drone, the Quantix. While quadcopters can take off without a “runway,” most are restricted to around 20 minutes of flight time before the battery runs out. Drones that look more like a plane than a […]


    Drone developers reaching the sky

    Wei Yilong, a 27-year-old amateur photographer, who established a video studio, is taking his pastime to new heights and values the density of foldable drone for aerial photography. “The drone can fold up nicely and be brought in a bag, along with my laptop, batteries, smartphone and charger. It is truly very simple to carry […]

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    Dubai Tests ‘Drone Hunter’ to Secure Airport

    Drones have come a long way in a really short amount of time. Like many products on the technology world, drones’s concept have gone from quirky concepts to real-world practical implementation The Dubai airport is the third busiest worldwide, and it’s got an issue with drones. Particularly, unauthorized drone activity in its airspace, which can […]

    GoPro Karma drone

    GoPro Recalls Malfunctioning Drones That Are Falling From Sky

    GoPro’s 3rd quarter earnings were disappointing. Experts had anticipated it before the financial report was even provided. The business’s future is much more unsure now that its Karma drone is being recall. It should be noted that GoPro’s recent product is not the only one going downhill. GoPro is recalling its Karma drone, reports have […]

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