China is making the fastest amphibious armored vehicle

China fastest armored vehicle

Vehicle that can speed through water at 31mph

With the motives to stay ahead of opponents, both on land and on the water, China is making the world’s fastest amphibious armored vehicle.

The 4×4 automobile can reach top speeds of 31 miles/hour (50 kilometres/hour) when strolling in calm waters.

While it is just a proof-of-concept, the car could put China well ahead of the US, whose fastest amphibious armored vehicle can take a trip at just 6mph (10 km/h).

The vehicle is being constructed by the North China Institute of Vehicle Research in Beijing.

The camouflage-print automobile has a v-shaped hull.

This not only avoids hydraulic drag, however also protects against improvised explosive devices.

Compact pump jets along with withdrawing wheels give the car its top speeds.

The vehicle is light-weight, weighing at 5.5 tons excluding armor or weapons.

However China Defense website says: “Even with armor and weapons on a production version, it would still possibly reach amphibious speeds of at least 12 to 18 miles per hour.”

This still puts it ahead of the US, whose Terrex 2 and BAE SuperAV automobiles can only reach speeds on water of 6 miles/hour (10 kilometres/hour).

While it is still a proof-of-concept, if it is taken into service, the automobile will likely deploy from a Chinese hovercraft like the Type 726, in addition to the Type 071 landing platform dock attack ships, according to PopSci.

Its range on land and sea are unknown.

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