Chrysler 300 SRT spied, maybe getting tested

Chrysler 300 SRT images

Once again we are seeing another mystical, undisguised SRT prototype comes out of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). This time we have a Chrysler 300 SRT that looks almost stock except for its footwear. Our spy photographer got up close and individual with this maker, and discovered that it has the same wheels with 315-mm tires that were on the early Dodge Demon models. The only distinction is the wheels on this 300 have Chrysler-branded center caps. All that additional width means these wheels stick quite far out from the wheel wells, which would recommend that any production vehicle running this setup would have flares to cover the wheels. There are four-piston Brembo calipers and slotted discs behind the wheels that looks just like those on the existing 300 SRT.

We question that Chrysler is developing a Demonized version of the 300, however the tires do recommend that this is a far more powerful 300 than the present SRT, which was ceased in the US in 2015 however is still offered in the Middle East and Australia. That’s not all we need to go on, though, given that spy photographer says it seemed like it had Hellcat power under the hood. Gearing up a 300 with a Hellcat engine would be a breeze, as well, since the engine is currently in the Charger, which is practically identical mechanically.

Exactly what you might be questioning is why Chrysler is adding a Hellcat variation of the 300 SRT when that model hasn’t been offered in the United States since 2015. One possible factor is that this would finally allow Australian access to the 707-horsepower machine.

Chrysler Hellcat 300 images

Dodge is not a brand name provided Down Under, so it does not get the Charger Hellcat, leaving the 300 as the sole V8, rear-drive Mopar available. And for the Middle East, if the normal 300 SRT was offering well, it would just make sense to use another variant. It should not cost Chrysler a lot to develop this model either, since the 300, mechanically, is essentially similar to the Charger.

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