David Beckham pictured driving a Jeep Wrangler that cost just $40,000

The star of football that plays for a pay packet of $250 million which is the contract amount due to him for a period of five years drives a car that is only $40,000.

The star is none other than David Beckham and this discovery of his car was made when pictures of him behind the wheel of a Jeep Wrangler while at Beverly Hills was seen recently. Reports say that Beckham had picked up his son the eldest one of 11 by age and Brooklyn by name, from school and returning home which is a sprawling mansion.

The car for sure is not the only car that belongs to the family of the Beckhams. Large number of cars would be contained in that area they call home. It was however very comfortable to know that such a famous and wealthy man would be comfortable in the ordinary by comparison car that he was noticed in. for comparator the car would be costing less than one of the bags that his wife would be carrying her possessions in.

The end effect of this entire episode would be a mixed feeling of confusion and jealousy. Which comes first and which next would differ with individuals and their own personality traits?

Source: topspeed

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