Don’t Let The Costs Ruin The Fun Of Driving

costs and driving

Lately, it seems like the fun has been taken out of driving. Speed limits have been lowered because, yes, if you’re not sensible cars can be dangerous. We’ve been warned that older vehicles damage the planet. Now we’re being told that some cars will actually be banned in the next few years and the list just keeps growing. It might reach a point where driving just stops altogether. In fact, it almost certainly will with the proper introduction of self-driving cars. Once they crack that tech, there is no way anyone will be allowed to drive their own car. Just wait, and you’ll see that right slowly being taken away. They won’t want to risk human error causing accidents. But if you want the biggest buzzkill of driving, it’s the cost. Say what you will about other issues, but there’s no denying that cars have become incredibly expensive. Is there a way to handle this issue? You bet there is!

Yikes, How Much For Insurance?

Yep, if you’re lucky insurance is going to cost somewhere in the high hundreds annually. Unlucky and it will probably be closer to a few thousand. It does depend on how valuable your car is, the type of make you buy and lots of other factors. But it’s made driving almost impossible for younger people. They just can’t afford it. Insuring a car if you’re below 25 with the type of income this age group has is next to impossible. Luckily, there are some ways to deal with this issue. First, you’ve got to price check different insurance options. You might find that one company is offering a far cheaper deal than another. Then there’s monitoring. If you’re willing to give away some of your privacy, you can get a monitoring kit for your car. This will drive down the price because your insurance company will be watching how you drive. So, the only disadvantage is that you’ll always need to obey the rules of the road.

Oh Darn, I Can’t Afford That Repair

You can if you take it to the right place. Don’t forget that car repairs is a private market. They can choose whichever cost they like and some of them are going to be priced at extortionate levels. But if you get a specialised auto repair you can get a great service that you can afford.

Um, That price For Petrol Can’t Be Right?

Oh it can and you can expect the cost to climb ever higher as the resource grows more scarce. Actually, the price of gas has always been fluctuating. It’s often difficult to know where it’s going to be from one month to the next. But again, there are ways to cut the costs. First, be careful where you refuel. If you’re filling up in the middle of nowhere, you can bet the cost is going to be higher. Mainly because the petrol station owner knows that there aren’t many other options. Second, change your driving habit. Braking more uses more fuel. If you want to cut back, try to slow down by taking your foot off the gas earlier. It’s a simple step, but it will have a big impact.

We hope this helps you but the fun back in driving by eliminating a lot of the costs.  

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