European Union agrees new car safety rules

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New vehicles would need speed limit notification systems under new regulations.

Brussels has agreed that a batch of new auto safety rules consisting of speed limit notification systems and new designs for automobiles that are safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

Parliamentarians and EU ministers have agreed almost 30 new requirements which are going to apply from May 2022 to new vehicles and May 2024 for present automobiles.

New cars will require an intelligent speed assistance system (ISA) which displays the present speed limit on the dashboard and cap the present speed, although the system can be overridden when the motorist pushes hard on the accelerator.

The parliament estimates the ISA could slash fatalities on EU roads by 20 percent.

“ISA will provide a motorist with feedback, based on maps and road sign observation, always when speed limit is exceeded. This will not only make all of us safer, but also help drivers to avoid speeding tickets,” stated MEP Róża Thun, who was accountable for the package in parliament.

Other new safety requirements consist of systems for automated emergency braking, advanced driver distraction caution, reversing detection, and new regulations for accident tests and windscreens. The rules also include a requirement to gear up vehicles with event data recorders to provide data that can be used to analyse accidents.

Furthermore, there are rules in the package for trucks and buses. From November 2025, new trucks and buses will be required to be designed to give the driver better visibility of cyclists and pedestrians and be adjusted with pedestrian and cyclist crash warning and blind spot information systems.

“This reform is a win-win for industry and the public. The truck of the future will be sleeker, decreasing fuel bills and emissions. It will also be safer through better driver vision of cyclists and pedestrians in particular. And truck drivers themselves will have more in-cab comforts,” stated James Nix, freight director at campaigner Transport & Environment.

The agreement still needs final approval by the European Parliament and member states.

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