EXCLUSIVE SHORT MOVIE: The Unknown Story of the Jaguar C-X75

Alfred Dunhill decided to celebrate the birth of the new Jaguar C-X75 by shooting a short movie that links its inception to the legendary 1960’s icon – the Jaguar XJ13.

Being an example of state of the art thinking and engineering, a truly masterpiece, the C-X75 was produced to celebrate 75 years of Jaguar. This model is a modern car but it takes its inspiration from a little known legend from the 1960’s – the Jaguar XJ13.

While it takes its power from a combination of four electric generators, two jet turbines and a diesel engine, this unique vehicle is very fast and extremely efficient.

Many of you probably have not heard of the XJ13 (taking into account that there was only one XJ13 ever made), but those who heard about it know its story – one of beautiful design and missed opportunities. This car was originally produced to win Le Mans, a race that it would never take part in due to a change in the rules and it is this car, not the e-Type, which is held above all others by Jaguar.

However, the C-X75 manages to combine perfectly the future and the past. Its high speeds and low emissions put it in the vanguard of modern motoring while its aesthetic cues come from the golden age of British automotive design.

Photos Source: NetCarShow (color photo) and Dunhill (black and white photos)

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