Bosses Rejects Canopy Proposals For F1 Cockpits

The proposal that the Formula One cars to be equipped with canopies for some kind of protection was made ​​when Felipe Massa crash (near-fatal) in Hungary, two years ago. Now this proposal was official rejected.

So it seems that Formula One cars will remain the same because F1 bosses have reportedly dismissed moves to enclose the cockpits of these cars.

Technical chiefs began to investigate the possibility of jet fighter-style canopies for the cockpits in the wake of Felipe Massa’s near-fatal crash, but this proved to be not very wise choice, for which it was rejected.

“You can have covers and you can have canopies, but you also have to be able to get at a driver to extract him. There are a lot of secondary considerations,” said Ross Brawn.

Finally, according to the Daily Mirror, F1 chiefs have rejected the idea of a roof over the drivers’ heads. The report said the FIA had considered “poly-carbonate screens” for the cars, but “drivers fear the device could prevent escape in the event of a car overturning or catching fire”, while spectators would be “at danger from flying debris ricocheting off the screens”.

Source: Inautonews

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