Facelifted Aston Martin DBS or DB9?

It is indeed difficult to distinguish between different Aston Matin models and especially so if they be camouflaged. Professionals too leave alone the amateurs get confused in differentiating between the models. The case holds true more so for the DBS and DB9 models.

Some sites do put up the same spy shot of one model and call it the face lifted version of some other model. There are some sites and even blogs who are doing this for the DB9 calling it a face lifted version of the DBs whereas in reality the spy shot is of one model only and not two different ones.

The spy shot reveals a bootlid which is distinctly that of the DB9 and not of the DBs. The DBS as we all are well aware has a more prominent spoiler installed in the boot lid.

The front bumper and rear diffuser also are not as aggressively designed as that we find on a DBs. Here the design is simpler and this is usually found on the DB9. In addition the air vent which is located at the center of the hood in case of a DBS is missing in the picture.

The DB9 however is going to get a new look with a reworked front and rear bumper and new headlights along with LEDs. It would then give us the memory of the Raspide sports saloon. On to the DB9 once again there would be a more prominent diffuser and restyled tail lamps that would be seen on it. Not only exterior, even the interior would be done up with a new and fresh look approach.

Source: carscoop

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