Ferrari F40 auctioned off at Historics at Brooklands

The event is Historics that was held at Brooklands Auction in Surrey. The item that went under the hammer there was a Ferrari F40 which has run just 10,500 miles, which translates to 16,898 km. The organizers has hopes of the car fetching a big sum in the range of £280,000 and £320,000 (US$439,432 and US$502,208).

The Ferrari F40 has the fame of being the fastest street car during its times. It was also the most expensive at that time.

The F40 had been the model that the founder of Ferrari, Enzo had made as a commemorative gesture for the company’s 40 years of existence. The car was built at the Maranello factory then. A total of 1.315 units of this model were made between the 1987 and 1992 period. The model coming up for auction was finished in red body color and year of manufacture was 1989.

The F40 was made mostly of carbon fiber and weighed a total of 2,400 lb or 1089 lb. The rest of the car was built of Kevlar and aluminium. The engine is a mid mounted one and a V8 version delivering 471 bhp which is 346 kw. The car has a top speed of 200 mph or 322 kmph. The Cd statistics of the car was 0.34 which is quite an impressive one and compares with the Chevy Tahoe Hybrid.

Source: carscoop

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