FIA to continue investigating Honda’s flat floor

Honda romped to a 1-2-3 lead to the main race in Morocco, putting their championship charge versus Citroen securely back on track.

But it’s been verified an examination is ongoing following a technical publication provided in Hungary confirming the FIA were checking out the flat floor of the 4 Honda Civic WTCCs, consisting of the privateer entry of Ferenc Ficza.

During Sunday in Hungary, the stewards then put out a technical decision validating that the Hondas were all discovered to be in compliance, however it is comprehended that additional investigations have since continued.

“Following the Technical Delegate Report No. 3 regarding the flat bottom of the vehicles number 5, 12, 18 and 55 of the Maker Honda Motors, the Stewards investigated the matter and discovered that according to Appendix J Post 263 of the ISC they remain in compliance with the present policies,” read the comments made by the FIA stewards in Hungary.

However, during the WTCC Race of Morocco, the main documentation of the race has now confirmed that the FIA technical delegate is continuing an examination of the flat floor, with a decision on the legality of the Honda vehicles flat floor anticipated throughout the next few weeks.

In the main arise from the Morocco weekend, all have been proclaimed last “Subject to the conclusion of the additional investigation worrying flat bottom of automobile 5, 12, 18, 55 (Technical Report No. 1)”.

The floor is thought to be helping to distribute the compensation weight that the automobiles have been required to bring since Hungary (70kg at Hungary, 40kg in Morocco.

Though the technical regulations only define that passenger-side located ballast be used to “complete the weight of the car” is including some ambiguity regarding how that rule can be translated by the manufacturer teams.

“It is permitted to finish the weight of the car by adding a single unit of ballast that might be made from stacked metal plates”, states the technical policy in Appendix J.

“The plates need to be fixed by means of tools, with the possibility of affixing seals, and must be placed visibly on the floor of the cockpit in the front passenger’s place.”

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