The Ford Fiesta Is Eliminated For America

Ford Fiesta debut 2017

In November, Ford revealed the next generation of Fiesta subcompact, that made us excited about the anticipation of a brand-new version of Ford’s favorably vivacious supermini (and its amazing ST variation). And we are now getting to know that it is not coming to the USA. Ford’s economy hatch will no longer be offered in America from the 2018 model year onward. In regards to U.S. availability, the 2018 Ford Fiesta ST will formally be as foreign and unique as the Alpine A110 revival mid-engined sports car (not truly, but you understand).

When Ford’s B-segment’s official Robert Stiller talked to Romanian vehicle publication 0-100, he clarified precisely where the new Feast would (and would not) be offered. As reported by autoevolution, “The previous design was a worldwide Ford product, and with the new generation, we are targeting only Europe, the Middle East, and Africa,” stated Stiller.

Not remarkably, the Fiesta’s elimination in other areas comes as a result of weak sales. “In North America, especially the United States, China, and Latin America, the need for such cars [subcompact] is decreasing, and we are reacting appropriately.”

Autoevolution reports that Ford just moved 48,807 Fiestas in 2016– a 31 percent fall from its peak of 71,073 cars sold in 2013. On the other hand, Ford of Europe regularly sells around 300,000 Fiestas every year. Changed in terms of Fiestas per capita, the Europeans would still out-Fiesta us by nearly 3-to-1.

The report goes on to include that the new, seventh-generation Ford Fiesta will not come as a sedan, stating consumers “weren’t fond” of the three-box style, which we feel might be putting things lightly given how the last one looked like.

Even if they were restoring the hunchbacked four-door, however, it’s not likely that the US would ever get to see it outside.

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