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Ford Ranger XLT

Ford Truck – What Does Xlt Stand For

Certainly, keeping track of different vehicle body trim and specifications can be a very daunting job, especially if you aren’t an experienced car enthusiast. 

Vehicle manufacturers have different body trims they assign to their products which can be sometimes confusing. A good example of vehicles with different trim is the Ford truck which has different models and body trim options. 

With that being said, in this piece, we will explore the Ford XLT truck trim, its meaning, and other truck features. 

Probably you must have guessed the meaning of XLT trim to be either the length of the truck or other features of the vehicle. Based on what is on the dentside vs. bumpside, it does not mean that the truck is extra-long or generally longer than the other Ford pickup models. You can get the XLT trim in both the long and short beds of the pickup truck. 

What Does The XLT Stands For 

Based on the description given by Ford motors, the XLT means Extra Luxurious Truck, while this trim and features description has gone back to the ’70s. The top trim known for Ford Ranger pick up was XLT. The F-100 had the XLT trim, the most distinctive trim type, and differentiation from the basic XL model. 

As of 2020, the Ford XLT offers quite some interesting features and performance coupled with both exterior and interior functionality. You can get the 3.0 Liter Powerstroke V6 Diesel engine with the XLT trim model; meanwhile, the XL does not have the Diesel engine option.

Extra Features The XLT Offers The Buyers. 

Certainly, there are some other features you enjoy as a truck owner if you settle for Ford’s XLT trim option. Amazingly these features are only specific to the XLT model. They are:

17 inch Silver-painted aluminum wheels: as a truck owner, if you settle for the XL option, you will get the silver-painted steel wheels while only the XLT customers enjoy the aluminum wheel option. There are only four additional wheels for the XL trim option, while the XLT package of the Ford truck comes with six. 

Floor mat: with the XL trim option, you only get the black vinyl floor mat, while the XLT offers carpeted floor mats. 

The cruise control MyKey: here is a safety feature provided by Ford motors. The features allow you to set a top speed maximum radio volume which requires you to use the seatbelt. You have this feature for free in XLT trim, but you will have to pay an extra charge to have this feature in the XL version.

Sync 3: this is a voice-activated entertainment system that comes solely with the XLT trim model while you only get the AM/FM Radio with the XL model. 

Bumper side: with the XL model, the bumper is painted black, made of steel, while the XLT option offers you a chrome finish bumper on the rear and front side of the truck. 

The XLT is fortified with the power-assisted tailgate, but the XL does not have this feature. 

Lighting: power glass side view mirrors, front halogen fog lights driver, and front passenger lumbar used for better seat controls are features in the XLT trim, while it is not available for the XL model option. 

Ford Series With XLT 

Although the XLT features are quite common in Ford trucks, not all the tracks produced by Ford have the XLT trim options. Some specific F-series trucks have the XLT features and include F150, F250, F350, and F-450. Meanwhile, Ford Rangers, Ford Explorers, and Ford Expedition also have the XLT trim model. Frankly, the XLT trim on the Ford Ranger is quite basic, and the only awesome feature is the exceptional sound system. 

The Ford Explorer and Expedition offers the buyer some other sumptuous features such as keyless entry 18-inch aluminum wheels and 20-inch aluminum wheels in Explorer. 

Buying the XLT trim model of F150 will increase your budget by $6000 against purchasing the LX trim option. However, you would get a lot of other features the XL does not offer. In addition, you should be conscious and ready to know all about the trim level, the features they offer, as you might sometimes be confused about which of the XLT trim models you should settle for. There is the XLT Sport Appearance option and the XLT special Edition Appearance Package. The interesting thing is that both options offer you features that tempt your budget and always hoping for you to spend more. 

It has been established that the XL is like the basic option of the Ford pickup trucks, which only have the regular bare-bones features. Meanwhile, you can also view the XLT as the heavy-duty version of the ford truck models, which is fortified with other amazing features like the heavy-duty suspension, electric windows power button, the keyless entry, and many more.

There are some other specially designed XLT for individuals designed by Eddie Bauer and Ford as a company itself and the Lariat elite time package. Although the Lariat elite package does not have the heavy duties in the suspension, it has a super nice interior and exterior luxury designs. 

As far back as the 1970s, when Ford produced the Ford Ranger model, the XLT was distinctive from the basic option they previously had. 

The Ford Escape is also available in the XLT version aside from the common XLS and limited trims packages. The XLT trim model of Ford Escape offers a 2.5 Liters 4 cylinder capacity engine coupled with an A6-speed automatic transmission. 

You can easily settle for any FWD system or the 4X4 drive trains. Meanwhile, you have access to a fuel tank of 16.5 gallons that can only be filled with unleaded regular gas. In addition to this, you get the daytime running lights, fog over headlamps, seats made with leather, and of course a radio system. If you are at the decision-making point, it is always best to settle for the XLT option over the XL trim, as there are features you would love in the XLT package. However, if those features aren’t so important to you, and you are also considering saving some extra cash, the XL basic option is a go-to truck as well.

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