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Ford U.S. sales rise 6.4% in June; F-Series sales soar 28%

Ford stated Friday its U.S. sales increased 6.4% in June as sales of its F-Series pickups, assaulted last month by competing Chevrolet Silverado in an aggressive marketing campaign, rose 28%.

Ford had sales of 240,109 new automobiles and trucks in June compared with 225,647 for the very same month a year earlier.

Sales of the major Ford brand name increased 6.4% while Lincoln brand sales increased 5.8% for the month.

In addition to pickups, Ford’s sales were assisted by its crossovers and SUVs, which collectively saw sales enhance 7.3% for the month.

Sales of the Ford Escape SUV, for instance, rose 20% while sales of the Ford Focus compact vehicle dropped 11.6%.

It was sales of Ford’s pickups that stood apart. In June, General Motors introduced an ad campaign with a video that revealed 840 pounds of concrete blocks being dumped into Ford’s aluminum truck bed in addition Silverado’s steel truck bed.

While the presentation left damages in Ford’s truck bed in the business, the campaign did not damaged purchases of Ford’s pickups.

In June, Ford happened to sell 70,937 F-Series pickups while Chevrolet sold 49,662 Silverado pickups, a 3.7% decrease.

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