Gear You Need for Desert Biking

desert biking

You’ve finally got your bike road ready for an off-roading desert adventure, and you’re itching to get out into the open landscape. Before you take off, ask yourself if you’ve done enough to prepare yourself for the journey. The right gear is not only a blast to shop for; it keeps you comfortable so that you can drive for miles and miles.


Your armor prepares you for battle on the open desert road. This motorcycle protective gear is ideal for injury prevention, but when you pair it with a cool ventilated jersey, you become the epitome of stylish adventurer.


Picking out motorcycle helmets can be an exercise in indecision. It’s not easy to choose the right one for the right journey. If you expect to be off road for most of the trip, opt for a dirt bike helmet. It’s lightweight and has space for eyewear.


The last thing you want is sand in your eyes as you’re trekking across the terrain. Your gear isn’t complete without good quality eyewear. The lining should also absorb moisture, so you won’t have sweat dripping in your eyes.


When it comes to your hands, balance is key. You don’t want to be fumbling over hand controls with bulky gloves, but a little protection goes a long way if you wipe out on rough desert terrain. Find a pair that gives you both the padding and maneuverability that you need.


The color and style of footwear you choose can set you apart from your hip riding buddies. For your desert excursion, go for off-road boots. They’re a bit more heavy-duty for high impact rides, and you can usually find pairs with good airflow and comfort.

Are you fully equipped to take on the rough terrain the desert has in store? If you’re not, go online and start your shopping spree. You and your bike can then hit the road in style.

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