George Osborne to support driverless car trials on UK motorways

george osborne and driverless cars

Driverless vehicles will be tested on Britain’s motorways as quickly as next year, George Osborne will reveal in next week’s budget, as he declares that Britain can “lead the world in new innovations and facilities”.

He will deliver his budget plan on Wednesday and is anticipated to warn that the weakening worldwide outlook will make it more difficult to reach his target of providing a surplus on the public finances by 2020, the end of parliament.

Osborne is still eager to show that he has an appetite for procedures which might enhance development and kickstart the performance of Britain’s economy.

He stated: “At a time of fantastic unpredictability in the global economy, Britain has to take bold decisions now to ensure it leads the world when it concerns new innovations and facilities. That’s exactly what my budget plan next week will look for to do.”

“Driverless cars might represent the most fundamental change to transport since the invention of the internal combustion engine. Naturally, we need to guarantee security, which’s what the trials we are presenting will test.”

He is likewise anticipated to spell out how the government can make progress towards its manifesto promises to raise the limit for the greater rate of income tax to ₤ 50,000 and to enhance the tax-free personal allowance to ₤ 12,500.

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