Governance panel opposed to Renault chairman being named Nissan head

Renault-Nissan logo

An external committee tasked by Nissan Motor to help with improving corporate governance at the Japanese company is opposed to the idea of Renault’s chairman being appointed to head Nissan’s board, two people knowledgeable with the matter stated.

As Nissan and Renault look forward to repair their 20-year alliance following the ouster of chairman Carlos Ghosn, the selection of his successor at the Japanese company is still a sensitive issue, and the latest consideration is possibly to boost tensions between them.

“This option would not be very welcome,” one of the sources informed Reuters, while another person knowledgeable with the issue has stated that such a move “could create a conflict of interest” as one person will oversee both Nissan and Renault.

They refused to be named as the discussions are private and the committee has not reached a decision on its suggestions.

The committee, yet to make recommendations next month on corporate governance consisting procedures for executive appointments and compensation, is also thinking about other alternatives, the people stated.

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