Honda Pegasus Study Draws Inspiration from GM Firebird Concepts by Harley Earl

Andrus Ciprian, an independent designer based out of Romania has proved that automotive designers can draw their inspiration from all kinds of places.

The Romanian independent designer seems to be inspired by Harley Earls’ legendary GM Firebird concept cars. The legendary GM Firebird cars were prevalent and popular in the 1950s. The only difference is that this time, the designer has opted to apply this inspiration on a product from Honda and not on something that originated from GM. In the end, what we get is an Andrus Ciprian creation that looks like a futuristic Honda racing car. The designer has mentioned the design study as ‘Pegasus’.

A small gas-turbine jet engine to primarily power the imaginary winged prototype is what is dreamed up by the Romanian designer. The other features of this conceived prototype include especially designed wheels such that the air-flow to the brakes is significantly increased.

Source: carscoop

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