October 31, 2020

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    Modified cars are American cultural fad these days. The allure of being able to improve a vehicle to meet your exact taste or needs is something a lot of people can’t resist. Even though car modifications typically refer to performance enhancement changes, other minor changes can fall in that category.

    Although it makes more sense to buy your car and mod it yourself, there’s a massive market for modded cars. Re-modded vehicles like the ones offered by Revology Cars are high-demand automobiles due to the unique combination of class and power they have.  

    One of the reasons a lot of people like to purchase modded cars is because of the performance-enhanced changes that have already been made. Getting a car that has been improved to your desired level at a great price point is a double win for anyone. 

    Purchasing modded cars isn’t all sunshine and roses, though. Certain issues can arise with buying cars that have been altered from their original design. Here are a couple of questions to ask before you make that purchase:

    What modifications were made?

    Getting a list of all the modifications made to the car is essential. As you already know, not all changes will be suitable for the car in the long run. A lot of performance modifications made to vehicles don’t consider the relating parts. This will likely result in the wear and tear of those parts.

    Knowing the mods that were made will also help you when inspecting the car. If a modification isn’t done correctly, it can result in serious problems.

    Who made the modifications?

    Finding out who made the modifications in a car is imperative to know whether they will be worth the buy or not. Although significant modifications are often left to auto-mechanics, some car owners prefer to do them by themselves. The result of this is typically a wrong installation. Even with little modifications like window tints and wheel replacement, this can be a challenge. You should be more skeptical about the purchase if the mods were DIY projects.

    Are the warranties still covered?

    The most apparent problem when making car modifications is the possibility of voiding the warranties on them. You should find out if the warranties on the replaced parts are still valid. If the car is an old one, there’s also a chance that the warranties have expired. 

    If you feel like going on regardless, you should negotiate a short-term warranty with the seller instead. 

    You should also request other information like:

    • Car ownership history
    • Import / export information
    • Accident reports
    • Service and repair records
    • Mileage history
    • How the vehicle was used 
    • Vehicle salvage title, if any
    • Flood/hail/fire damage data

    Buying a modded car can have its advantages when properly done. Make sure to do your due diligence in finding out everything you can about the vehicle and its owners. Purchasing a badly modified car can cost you thousands of dollars to fix, and that’s something you should avoid.


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