Hyundai hits two millionth sales mark in Canada

Hyundai Auto Canada has revealed a considerable milestone with the two-millionth cumulative sale since 1983, when the company arrived to the country. Further, this statement comes simply one month after Hyundai had its 500,000 Elantra compact car sold in Canada and almost coincides with a worldwide turning point.

And even more still, Hyundai Auto Canada’s overarching parent company, the Hyundai Motor Group, just recently attained 100-million in international cumulative sales.

The amazing growth of Hyundai vehicle sales in Canada has been well recorded, however the speed of development is clearly displayed in the amount of time in between sales turning points.

Took 24 years and three months for the one-millionth Hyundai automobile to be sold, however precisely a third of that– eight years and one month– for the firm to touch two million mark. Today, Hyundai is among the nation’s greatest volume automobile brand, also because of broad product line-up of automobiles, SUVs, and luxury automobiles.

This is exhibited by the figure that the firm sold 461,778 passenger cars in 2011-2015, more than any other single brand name in Canada, and both the Tucson and Santa Fe Sport compact SUVs remain in the nation’s top-15 list of very popular light trucks. Even more, in the 2nd half of 2016, Hyundai will introduce its very first car under its new luxury brand name, Genesis.

The launch of the brand-new Genesis high-end line is part of a series of advancements underway at Hyundai Auto Canada to raise the brand and redefine the consumer shopping and ownership experience. The most noteworthy is a new design for Hyundai car dealerships. Under the Global Dealership Space Identity program, white-and-blue outside colours usually connected with Hyundai dealerships are being replaced with bronze.

Looking inside, customers will find an open environment– with Hyundai-blue accents– with modern-day, premium furniture, client lounges, in addition to brand new, digital kiosks, tablets, and wheel stands that boost and facilitate the shopping experience.

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