Infiniti working on Juke-based ESQ crossover for China

Infiniti, the luxury marque from Nissan has been quite busy lately and will soon offer a small ESQ crossover developed exclusively for China to meet Chinese tastes.

The model is based on the Juke Nismo with a 1.6-liter turbo four producing 197 horsepower and is basically badge engineering.

From first images we can see ESQ logo on the grille and we can also expect a more luxurious cabin space compared to the Juke.

We are not big fans of cross-badging, but this is life and if it works for many automakers so we see no reason why it shouldn’t work for Infiniti.

The Juke is not available in China, meaning the ESQ could work quite well.

For Infiniti this is a test market and their CEO has already called it only test marketing exercise before we sink a fortune into an untried concept.

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