Jaguar Land Rover to Feature Augmented Reality with Transparent Pillars in Future Models

Only recently, the top-notch British automaker, Jaguar Land Rover, has released more official information in respect to its so-called 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen technology. Jaguar first introduced the technology early 2014, featured on its concept car, the Land Rover Discovery Vision. Taking advantage of the augmented reality technology, this feature enables driver to have a 360-degree view of the car’s surroundings.

In order for the 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen feature to work, the automaker in question has to attach quite a number of screens in each of the pillars inside the car cabin. Meanwhile, on the outside of the car, the company has to install some cameras as well. It is these cameras that will send live feeds to the screens inside the cabin. Thanks to such a technology, driver of the next generation Land Rover vehicles will no longer have to worry about the hazards that may result from the blind spots in the side mirror.

This new feature from Jaguar is so advanced that it can even detect when the driver is about to change his driving direction. It does this by detecting the driver’s head movement and should the driver actually plan to turn the car, the technology will work accordingly, by making either the right or the left pillars of the car completely transparent. As such, driver will always notice if there is any pedestrian, cyclist or even another vehicle approaching by the sides of the car.

It turns out that this new technology can also benefit from internet connection. When connected to the company’s Cloud service, the technology will try to find and present useful information, such as, the nearest gas station or parking lot.

Yet, as if those are not enough, the new system will also make it easier for driver to take the car going past an off-road terrain. This is because the driver is able to keep track of the position of the car’s front wheels.

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