Land Rover Announce New Discovery Model For 2016

The Land Rover Discovery is a motoring icon. It sits in the middle of Land Rover’s range between the ultra luxury Range Rover and the rough-and-ready Defender. It’s a mainstay of the auto world, and Land Rover never fail to disappoint when it comes to new models.

That’s why we’re so excited about the latest news from Jaguar Land Rover HQ. According to their newsroom, there’s a new Discovery on the horizon. In fact, it will be in Hunters LandRover showrooms by the end of the year. We’ve heard whispers about new upgrades and revolutionary technology. But now, details are beginning to reveal themselves.


The design looks to borrow heavily from Land Rover’s infamous Discovery Vision Concept. This was a concept model unveiled in 2014 that had motorists foaming at the mouth. It was a Discovery, but not as we know it. Dragged into the 21st century, the Discovery’s iconic design was smoother, and more futuristic than ever before. Rumour has it, the new Discovery will take its cues from the Vision Concept.

The car itself is being built in Jaguar Land Rover’s UK base. The build takes place under the same roof as the Range Rover and the Range Rover Sport. It suggests that the new Discovery may even borrow some of the luxury from Land Rover’s upper echelon. Is the Discovery moving away from its rugged reputation to the slicker design of the Range Rovers? It may now compete with the Audi Q1 and other more expensive models. Land Rover’s officials tell us it will be based on the same materials used by the high-end models.

One aspect that isn’t lost, however, is the traditional seven seats. The Discovery’s beauty lies in its practicality for families. Currently sitting in the affordable family car bracket, the vehicle is designed for multiple kids! (And perhaps a couple of dogs). That isn’t likely to change, as the model is confirmed to feature ‘stadium seating’ in the back. It’s clear that Land Rover are keeping the versatility and practicality at its heart.

One of the most intriguing features of the Vision Concept model was the transparent bonnet. Giving a clear view into the engine bay, it was a unique design that split opinion among motoring fans. There are some rumours floating around that the new Discovery will adopt this unique feature. If we had to bet, we think Land Rover will fold, and install a regular metal bonnet.

As for additional technology, there is strong suggestion that we’ll see a laser scanning system. We know for a fact that Jaguar Land Rover have been working on this technology, and installed it in a number of Jaguar models. It’s likely that this road-scanning technology will feature in the new Discovery.

As for the engine, it doesn’t look like Land Rover will make too many changes. The much-loved 3.0 litre SDV6 diesel will stay centre stage. Though, it will be cleaner and more efficient than previously.

Keep your eyes peeled for this one, folks. We’ll bring you more information on the 2016 Discovery when we have it.

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  1. We just ‘dumped’ our 2010 LR2 after replacing the battery 4 times and having to keep it on a slow charger whenever we weren’t driving it for more than a day. But the kicker is the Rear Differential and some other critical part (halidex?) went bad. 5 year old ‘luxury’ SUV blue booked at 12-16k. Manufacturer offered 1500 towards $8000 repairs. Back and forth most likely would have yielded them footing the repair, but, who needs the hassle? We took it to Carmax and got 8000 for it. Car only serviced at Dealer at all the right times. We were warned before we bought by our Insurance Agent-wish we had listened. We are proud owners of new Dodge Durango to match our 15 year old workhorse Durango.We’ve got 9 other cars including Jaguars, Lexus, Aston Martin and 67 Corvette. We know cars and we know we will NEVER buy a Land Rover product again. If one person takes our advice, my time writing this will have been worth it.

  2. The 2010 and older had terrible issues, but I believe 2011 and newer (after they moved the company to India) seems to have solved that. Check out KBB service records. However, the company treated you and your issues poorly, there is no forgiving that.

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