Let your Volkswagen Car drive itself on road!

Within the next five years, Volkswagen is about to launch the automated driving systems in their group of cars. Known as the “automated driving” and “automated parking”, both these systems will reduce the number of accidents that happen on road each year because of stress related factors for the drivers of the cars. These systems will also improve the fuel efficiency in the cars and lower the CO2 emissions, thereby reducing the pollution levels.

The engineers of the ERL or the Electronic Research Laboratory of Volkswagen are currently working on a raft technology which will appear on their group of cars by 2016. The ERL is already renowned for their autonomous technology as their engineers based in the heart of Silicon Valley in Northern California have also pioneered the famous VW Passat Estate and the VW Touareg DARPA Grand Challenge Car with the autonomous technology.

The automated driving technology will help the drivers in reducing the stress levels and improve the safety conditions while driving. It will also improve the comfort levels and help the environment in the process with reduced CO2 emissions and better fuel economy.

At present, only USA has the permission to use this autonomous technology on road, while the Vienna convention is defending the application of this technology in Europe. Although 52% public have doubts about this technology and its way of working, according to the Volkswagen spokesperson, people need to learn the benefits of this technology to use it conveniently instead of doubting its reliability.

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