September 27, 2020

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    The music for the commercial “Music Track” which Lexus is using for its latest Ultrasonic Blue 2011 Lexus IS sport sedan has been composed by a group that consists of musicians, a mathematician and a stunt driver. The stunt driver drives the car along a track that gets him to trip drum levers placed along the track which ignites the base, snare, toms and the cymbals. Making the advertisement would have been real difficult for the precision factor that was involved in every aspect of the creation.

    There were the musicians at first who composed and designed the music track. This was then translated into a physical track for the car to take. Dave Nordstorm, Vice President of Lexus marketing said “We had to figure out how to lay out a track that would allow the car to really play a beat.” The mathematician from a leading university was called upon to help out Lexus to fix the points where the drums were to be placed as also to determine the speed of the car at different stages on the track.

    Then it was the ingenious of a production designer who created the system of levers placed along the track that the car’s wheels rolled over. Eddie Braun was the stunt driver who was picked up to drive the car and he did so not just by the speed indicated on the speedometer but also listening to the tempo. “Music Track” is a clip of the entire advertisement campaign titled “Wield Precision” for the 2011 Lexus IS.

    Source: 4wheelsnews

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