Marchi Mobile launches luxury camper

Marchi Mobile went a step further in luxury road travel by launching their new luxury camper for sale. It is regarded as a futuristic leap since this camper by Marchi easily trumping its competitors like Mehrzeller Inhalt and Deseo luxury camper due to its offerings.

With luxury travel in air and in the seas becoming a norm, it is just normal that people would like to carry their virtual palatial houses on the move, as opposed to conventional rugged travels.. However, these luxury caravans and mobile homes generally tend to compromise on space. But Marchi Mobile’s camper diverges from the norm as it provides never seen before flexibility in terms of space.

The camper literally carries all you would need, at home or at office. It allows you to work and eat in the conference cum dining table, and also to relax in a lounge on 6 business class massaging chairs. The furniture and tables can be retracted according to the need of user, ranging from a small conference to a family party. All this doesn’t at all influence the design of the camper. The company claimed that the camper is all but just 30 sq meters area, and a chassis that can be spread or retracted enables the creation of the aforementioned lounge, conference room or an expandable luggage space.

It doesn’t stop here. The camper will include a mini kitchen to take care of your food requirements, and a bar as well. The multimedia console consists of 8 40-inch LCD TV screen with Internet will keep you entertained. The navigation system is tried and tested and integrated communications makes navigating in new zones a walk in the park. And if it weren’t enough, the camper also has a bathroom with shower to relax after a busy day.

Speaking in terms of specification, the camper runs off a powerful 510 HP engine. The camper has auto transmission and a dual exhaust system. 28 inch alloy wheels makes the riding experience unforgettable. Coming off with raving reviews, for those who have the needs and means for this camper, it promises to be a worthwhile deal.


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