September 24, 2020

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    The new Mazda MX-5 Spyder was recently unveiled at the SEMA automotive show 2011 in Las Vegas. Some other magnificent cars were also revealed but the Mazda MX-5 really stood out with its new design. The new design has allowed Mazda to reduce the weight of the car and improve efficiency.

    They have used a lighter single piece top which is attached to the front windshield and also at the back there are a couple of special buckles. The Mazda MX-5’s interior is also very luxuriously designed and the black leather coated seats with suede inserts give it a wonderful feel. The Mazdaspeed short throw shifter has also been provided.

    Under the hood, the MX-5 Spyder features a four cylinder engine which gives a displacement of 2.0 liter. The engine has been improved and provided with exhaust tweaks, new intakes and Racing beat headers. An interesting thing about this new engine is that it uses BP isobutanol as biofuel. The enginners at Mazda claim that the new fuel doesn’t reduce engine performance and produces enough power output. Mazda Racing team for Le Mans Series also uses the same fuel for their cars.

    Mazda has reduced the ground clearance for the MX-5 by using lower suspensions. The MX-5 Spyder also features premium Yokohama Ao48 17 inch rubber wheels with ADVAN RS rims. Superior quality Brembo brakes provide the stopping power to this vehicle.

    The MX-5 Spyder gives off a retro feel on the outside and will surely be the car to look out for when it goes for sale. It is clear that Mazda has done a wonderful job in creating this environment friendly car.

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