McLaren MP4-12C in a cop car guise? Only in a Need for Speed sequence though

Well not much waiting is required any more as the demand and long wait for the new Gran Turismo by everyone has come to a standstill since a similar car is launched in digital format by the ‘Need for Speed’ team in a hot pursuit game format. Pay heeds to the clips below for some of the copped out speed demons from the game itself. It is a challenge that you would definitely watch the vipers and would always think whether what would be lurking around the interstate? And yeah the cops always add to the craziness of it.

It looks awesome and nice to see how most of the developers like the Techart and Brabus to Ford and the holy Lamborghini have made their attempts to make awesome police concepts or even make the actual cars, and how do you find that McLaren is spending some quality time and money in building an MP4-12C patrol car. Or can we just name it as crowd pleasers?

Source: carscoop

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