Mercedes and Aston Martin joining forces to save the Maybach marque

Mercedes is making plans to get the Maybach model back in the lime light and for this they are in the process of joining up with Aston Martin. Reports from the Financial Times indicate that Mercedes is going to ask Aston Martin to design and manufacture the Maybach all fresh.

The entire project would involve Aston Martin working on the Maybach while Mercedes would lend the powertrain tech to the British marquee. This would mean smaller displacement engines. The project would work out economically viable by this outsourcing method rather than Mercedes going it their own way.

It seems that Mercedes would give off their 4WD chassis to Aston Martin which is being hoped that does not occur. This would mean the Lagonda SUV not making it to the production stage, something that many would wish does not become a reality.

Source: carscoop

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