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Mercedes-Benz being demanded to develope batteries in Untertuerkheim

Labour representatives at Mercedes-Benz’s most significant transmission factory located in Untertuerkheim in Stuttgart demanded it should construct batteries for its brand-new electrical automobile at the site to secure jobs.

German automakers consisting of Mercedes-Benz owner Daimler are spending greatly in electrical vehicles (EVs), stimulated by advances in battery innovation and a growing reaction versus the environmental effect of diesel fumes.

“The staff members anticipate that the automaker does not simply broaden (its plant in) Kamenz for battery production however that capacities for batteries are likewise developed in Untertuerkheim,” stated Wolfgang Nieke, the works council chief at Mercedes-Benz’s Untertuerkheim plant.

The Untertuerkheim site, which has 19,000 employees, would be hardest hit by the shift to electronic vehicles.

“If Untertuerkheim provides transmissions, engines and axles to the automaking plants today, then it should in the future supply batteries and electrified powertrains,” Nieke stated.

Managers are going to address the plant’s employees on Monday.

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