2012 Mercedes SLS AMG Comes With New Options: Official Specs, Prices and Photos

Mercedes-Benz is introducing a new series of options for the SLS AMG . The new high-tech option of the AMG RIDE CONTROL sport suspension with adaptive damping combines concerted performance-orientation with optimal comfort on long journeys. Blind Spot Assist improves active safety on board the gull-wing model. Further optional features such as AMG 10-spoke forged wheels painted in matt black, red-painted brake callipers or AMG high-gloss black trim make for even more exclusivity.

The most notable new optional extra is the AMG RIDE CONTROL sport suspension with adaptive damping. Depending on the driving situation, speed and road surface conditions, this optional system almost instantly varies the damping characteristics and automatically reduces the body roll angles. For the driver this means immediate and variable adaptation between the greatest possible agility and the best possible ride comfort – for any driving style and route. The AMG RIDE CONTROL sport suspension allows three settings (Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus) and depending on the selected model the car will try to achieve the best balance between comfort and dynamic performance.

“Comfort” is automatically active whenever the engine is started, and provides a sensitive damper responce with comfort-oriented characteristics. In “Comfort” mode there is more ail flowing through the electromagnetically actuated valves inside the shock absorbers, and less in Sport and Sport Plus modes.

However, if you want a sportier ride, you can press the “Sport” button and the shock absorbers will have a tauter response depending on the driving situation. This not only ensures better road contact when driving in a sporty manner, but also more effectively reduces body roll and pitching. In most driving situations, “Sport” mode provides the best compromise between satisfactory suspension comfort, low body movements and high agility.

If that does not satisfy you, then you can choose “Sport plus”. This option is recommended for fast lap times on a race circuit: apart from higher damping forces, this mode has special control algorithms configured for a decidedly sporty driving style on uneven road surfaces. The driver is able to store his personal setup using the AMG key in the AMG DRIVE UNIT.

In addition, the driver has four different transmission modes available: fuel economy mode “C” (Controlled Efficiency), “S” (Sport), “S+” (Sport plus) and “M” (Manual). Brief pressure on the AMG key quickly and conveniently activates the preferred combination.

All prices for the new features at a glance (incl. 19 % VAT):
AMG RIDE CONTROL sport suspension with adaptive damping: € 2320.50
AMG 10-spoke forged wheels with matt black paint finish and high-sheen rim flange: € 3272.50
Red-painted brake callipers: € 714.20
Blind Spot Assist: € 773.50
AMG Sepang brown metallic: € 2439.50
AMG high-gloss black trim: € 2320

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