Microsoft aims to function self-driving cars, not build one

Microsoft isn’t really interested in constructing its own self-driving car. Speaking at the Converge conference in Hong Kong last week, Microsoft’s Peggy Johnson informed that the company will continue to develop software for cars rather than create automobiles. Johnson is the head of company development at Microsoft.

Google and Fiat Chrysler concurred last month to collaborate to develop self-driving Chrysler Pacifica minivans with Google’s self-driving innovation. It appears that Microsoft is eager to follow a comparable course, however simply on the software side. “We in various methods enabled a variety of different partners and you’ll see us continuing to do that,” described Johnson. Microsoft is open to partners asking for an operating system for vehicles, and Johnson particularly points out examples of having the ability to operate in self-driving vehicles eventually.

Harman is incorporating Microsoft Office 365 into its infotainment systems, and the collaboration will bring the whole suite of productivity apps consisting of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to cars for the first time.

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