Most new vehicles to get over-the-air upgrade tech by 2023, says General Motors

general motors

General Motors stated on Monday that majority of its global models will be capable of over-the-air software upgrades by 2023, as GM presents new vehicle electrical systems aimed to securely handle heavy data traffic and software downloads from the internet.

General Motors and other established auto companies have been not that quick to catch up with Tesla Inc, which has for years utilized smartphone-style over-the-air upgrade technology to modify the function and feel of its vehicles overnight. Previously this month, for example, Tesla replied to reports regarding its vehicles catching on fire by pushing out an over-the-air update for battery management software.

GM executives have stated in the past that matching Tesla’s use of over-the-air updates would need new vehicle electrical systems, and robust cyber security to make sure that vehicles could not be tampered with by hackers.

GM did not mention what vehicle systems and functions would be open to over-the-air updates, but stated the new system “allows the adoption of functionality upgrades across the lifespan of the vehicle.”

In 2016, GM President Mark Reuss, who at that time was leading global product development, stated the company would not use over-the-air updates for safety-critical systems including brakes.

The new GM electronic systems are going to be capable of handling up to 4.5 terabytes of data processing power every hour, five times the capability of present GM vehicles, the company stated.

The new GM electrical systems will be released on the 2020 Cadillac CT5 sedan, due to start production later this year, GM stated.

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