Mysterious McLaren Test Mule Spotted

by SpeedLux

The British automaker, McLaren, is seemingly working on a new vehicle model. However, speaking of which, there is nothing that the public has known for sure yet so far. Nonetheless, some people have actually managed to capture the moments of when McLaren tests its new vehicle. Surprisingly enough, the test mule was spotted wearing the McLaren MP4-12C body as it was undertaking some winter testing carried out by the factory. The vehicle was spotted testing somewhere in the vicinity of the Arctic Circle.

Albeit wearing the MP4-12C guise, there is actually a sticker on the vehicle that says ‘prototype vehicle’. In addition to that, on top of the windshield, an MV103 badge is also visible. Needless to say, these two components give away that this is a new vehicle which the British company may launch sometime soon. It is the MV103 badge that sparks a lot of interests as well as confusions among car enthusiasts and industry analysts alike. Yet, it is believed that the MV in the MV103 badge actually stands for Mule Vehicle.

Well, that is not an improbability, after all. It makes sense if McLaren actually launches a new vehicle with the 103 badge. However, interestingly enough, the British company is reportedly working on a new vehicle model from its Sports Series coupe lineups and this model will bear the GXP102 moniker. With that being said, the 103 may prove to be an entirely different vehicle model instead of just another coupe in the McLaren’s Sports Series lineups.

Nonetheless, no matter where the company will actually slot this car in the end, it has been spotted sporting a new interior design. Its dashboard comes with a new design and the speedometer looks pretty unique. In addition to that, the cabin of the vehicle can also be seen filled with quite a few sets of test equipment. Unfortunately, however, nothing is official so far in regards to what the company is actually evaluating on this very vehicle.

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