New Mercedes SLS AMG Tuning by RENNtech [Video]

After offering a tuning package for SLS AMG last year that was “unleashing the beast hiding underneath the refined exterior”, RENNtech releases another tuning program for the Mercedes supercar living up to their authority status on Mercedes-Benz tuning.

RennTECH’s latest offer aimed at Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG offers the V8 beauty an extra 20 HP and 20 LB foot of torque.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG factory-version has an aspirated 6.2 liter V8 powerplant that is delivering 571 hp at 6,800 rpm and a peak torque of 651 Nm (480 lb-ft) at 4,750 rpm.

Designed and engineered in house precisely for the SLS, RENNtech’s long tube headers feature high quality, tri-metal, 200 cell sport catalytic cells and are ceramic coated in order to reduce heat in the engine room as well as combat against hot temperature stress.

The long primary tube form allows for improved low end torque resulting in improved off the line and bottom end performance. The reduction in exhaust system back pressure and free flowing design also greatly improves overall performance with a head turning exhaust note for a bark as wicked as its bite.

Official numbers for the SLS AMG by RENNtech

SLS (C197) Stock Performance: 563 HP @ 6800 RPM; 479 LB-FT @ 4750 RPM

Gains from RENNtech’s long tube headers: +20 HP; +20 LB-FT

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