New Suzuki Cars at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Show

Suzuki will show, not just one, not just two, but three new cars at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Show. The annual Japanese car show is famous as a venue where car manufacturers and designers show off radical concepts and designs. This year’s show promises not to disappoint as several concept cars, from revolutionary to downright wacky are scheduled for an appearance. Japanese car maker Suzuki will be one of the exhibitors and will show off three new vehicles, namely, the Suzuki Regina, the Suzuki Q concept and the Suzuki Swift EV.

Suzuki Regina

The Regina (in photo) is a representation of Suzuki’s vision of an aerodynamic city car. It is being dubbed as a radical “next generation global compact car.” This could be a hint that Suzuki has plans to actually produce the concept in the near future. The Suzuki Regina is a very minimalist car. Weighing at a very light 730kg, the car is a real gas saver as it uses fuel at a a rate of 90mpg and brings down emissions to 70g/km.

The Suzuki Regina features a fared-in design that contributes to the car’s aerodynamic features. For smoother air cleaving, the rear wheels of the Regina are partially covered. Because of these features, Suzuki claims that the Regina is 10% more aero-efficient than existing Suzuki vehicles.

Suzuki Q-concept

This two-seater concept can be described as a cross between a car and a tandem bike. The length of the whole car is only 2.5m. It’s cabin though can be reconfigured in different ways. Suzuki claims that this electric car has a range of around six miles.

Suzuki EV Hybrid

The Suzuki EV Hybrid is probably the least wacky of the three concept cars. This is an experimental electric car with an on-board generator. According to the Japanese car maker, the EV Hybrid can run for 20 miles on electric power alone.


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