NHTSA says that automakers are responsible for Takata air bag recalls

Takata air bag recalls

Car manufacturers have supreme responsibility for the expenses of changing possibly lethal Takata Corp airbags, no matter what takes place to the Japanese provider, the leading U.S. automobile safety regulator stated on Wednesday.

Mark Rosekind, the head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), informed press reporters in Detroit he is worried that not enough is being done to discover and repair over 300,000 older automobiles, primarily made by Honda Motor, that have Takata air bags with 50% possibility of blowing up in a crash.

Honda stated it continues to check out and assess new methods of convincing owners of automobiles impacted by Takata air bag inflator recalls to finish the required repair works.

Honda partners have begun carrying out targeted home visits to owners of the older-model 2001-2003 cars that the NHTSA has identified are at the greatest danger of experiencing a Takata inflator rupture, Honda stated.

Takata is looking for a purchaser, amidst speculation the maker might look for bankruptcy protection as part of a deal. Rosekind stated his firm thinks it has “numerous layers of protection” to guarantee that recalls of as much as 70 million possibly faulty Takata air bag inflators are finished as agreed with the company.

Car manufacturers around the world are ramping up the market’s biggest-ever recall after Takata, under pressure from U.S. authorities, concurred previously this year to inform more of its air bags as malfunctioning in the United States and other nations.

U.S. security regulators have actually connected 11 deaths in the United States to Takata air bags that burst, sending out metal shrapnel flying inside cars. The most-recent reported U.S. casualty was of a 50-year-old lady who passed away in a 2001 Honda Civic after a September 30 crash in Riverside County, California.

Her death is among 16 worldwide now connected to faulty Takata air bag inflators and the NHTSA stated the Honda Civic associated with the crash came from the high-risk population of automobiles the firm is targeting.

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