Nissan must watch cash given chances of second coronavirus outbreak, says CEO

makoto uchida

Japanese automaker Nissan Motor’s cash situation is “tough” as the coronavirus pandemic has damaged car sales, and the automaker must be careful in the coming months as a second wave of infections may add to liquidity issues, CEO Makoto Uchida informed Reuters on Thursday.

“With the coronavirus situation, our cash liquidity is quite tough,” Uchida informed Reuters in an video interview after the automaker announced its latest recovery plan. Uchida said that he believed the coronavirus situation would improve from the third quarter.

“We need to carefully watch what will be happening with the virus situation, because there could be a threat coming on the second wave, which we cannot predict,” Uchida said.

Coronavirus has so far infected over 5,803,416 people of which 2,399,247 have made a recovery while 359,791 died due to the virus worldwide.

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