Nissan sold a car through Twitter

nissan car sold on twitter

A Nissan dealership in Spain just sold a car over Twitter, first time for an automotive brand in Europe, Nissan stated. Twitter user Raul Escolano used the hashtag #compraruncocheportwitter (“Purchase a car on Twitter”) to challenge automakers across Spain to sell him an automobile solely utilizing social networks.

Antamotor, a Nissan dealership in the Spanish city of A Coruña, utilized Periscope to stream video of the Nissan X-Trail, providing @escolano an individualized walkthrough of the vehicle. He likewise published a poll on Twitter asking followers to rank the cars he was considering. The X-Trail received 43 percent of the vote, which Nissan states helped sealing the offer.

The keys to the automobile were provided to Mr. Escolano by courier, keeping the dealership at arm’s length throughout the transaction– except when the vehicle was received from Nissan’s Spanish headquarters.

Knowing how horrible car purchasing experiences can be, this most likely will not be the last automobile sold on a social media network. And considering how awful at the internet most vehicle dealerships are, knowing how to deal with tech-savvy clients might give car dealerships an upper hand.

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