Porsche Museum celebrates the 911’s 50th anniversary

Porsche is celebrating the 911’s 50th anniversary by hosting an extensive “50 Years of 911” exhibition in the Porsche Museum.

At the entrance of the exhibition, visitors will be treated to a display that highlights the development of the 901. There is also a replica of the car’s presentation at the 1963 Frankfurt Motor Show.

More than 40 cars will be on display in the museum including rare special editions and numerous prototypes such as 1967 911 R, the first 911 Carrera Cup and an armored 911 (996) that was owned by Spanish singer Julio Iglesias, to name a few.

Porsche Supervisory Board Chairman Dr. Wolfgang Porsche said that he remembers the presentation of the Porsche 901 very well at the IAA in Frankfurt in September 1963. He further stated that everybody in the company was anxiously waiting to see what would be the reactions of the customers and journalists to this new car at that time. He also said that his father, Ferry Porsche, was very confident of the concept of the new model right from the onset.

The exhibition will run up to September 29th and the museum is offering free admittance to 911 owners and any of those who were born in the year 1963.





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