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Recogni Inc: The Autonomous Vehicle Startup Set To Enable Self-Driving

Since the introduction of the first car in 1885 by Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach, based on the internal-combustion-engine, the auto industry has been continuously evolving, optimizing cars to be ever more efficient. In 1997, Toyota introduced its hybrid Prius, and in 2007, Tesla commercialized the first electric vehicle (EV), called the Roadster. Other car companies have followed suit and today the industry is experiencing a rapid shift to the development of autonomous vehicles (AVs).

Today‘s most advanced vehicles are, at best, only partially autonomous. Cars produced by traditional OEMs currently can assist humans to drive safely on highways in presence of drivers. However, due to technology constraints, these solutions are not ready for urban deployment with a driver present, let alone full autonomy with zero human intervention. With technology companies entering the automotive industry and shortening the innovation timeline with their advanced AV platforms, the race to full autonomy is on, and traditional auto OEMs must adapt or become obsolete.

Enter Recogni Inc., a cutting-edge startup based out of the Silicon Valley, with operations in Munich, Germany. Founded in 2017, Recogni’s mission is to bring to market a highly efficient visual perception system with unmatched compute capability. Unlike the incumbents, who tend to use repurposed technologies, Recogni has purpose-built the system to deal with the monumental task of collecting & processing visual data in real time to enable self-driving in any situation and any weather condition. 

A person driving processes the equivalence of a data-center’s worth of information while consuming a minimal amount of energy. This is required to accurately process the plethora of surrounding visual cues they receive, again in real time. For an autonomous vehicle to mimic this while not compromising the battery, and hence the vehicle’s travel range – given the evolution to EVs – it must be equipped with a platform that computes a minimum of 75 trillions of operations per second (TOPS) for every Watt of energy consumed. Through leveraging key innovations in mathematics, chip design architectures, and artificial intelligence, Recogni’s solution has unmatched compute in the neighborhood of 100 TOPS per Watt. Simply put, this class of processing capability makes the system more robust than anything on the market today and in near horizon.

To compete with emerging technology companies, traditional OEMs in the auto industry must conduct an intensive search for the best-in-breed technology to equip their vehicles with autonomous capabilities. Through this market research process, car companies will realize that the Recogni solution has unmatched capabilities. The system is completely scalable for any level of autonomy, providing a perfect fit for the OEMs who may choose to enter the market at lower levels of autonomy and then scale all the way up to fully self-driven vehicles as the market evolves. 

In short, the Recogni system we call “Vision Cognition Module” is indispensable for auto companies, it will help them adapt to the new realities of automation and position them better as the technology evolves in the long run. Over the last year, Recogni has built an experienced and talented cross-functional team that has proven track record of bringing industry-changing products to the market. The combination of this team + the technology + the product that the market desperately needs, we believe Recogni is positioned to be a game changer for years to come.

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