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Renault aims to freshen up Dacia’s image with model upgrades

French automaker Renault revealed the new lines of two of its best-selling cars on Monday, both models produced by its Romanian low-cost brand Dacia, recently upgraded to an independent division in the company.

Under the helm of its new CEO Luca de Meo, loss-making Renault is attempting to make recovery from the coronavirus pandemic while also improving relationship with Japanese partner Nissan Motor.

The company announced last week a new organization focused on brands instead of geographies, Dacia being among the four newly created divisions alongside the Renault brand, the Alpine sport cars, and one dedicated to “new mobilities”.

The new versions of the Dacia Logan sedan, first introduced in 2004, and the city car Sandero, dating back to 2007, will be presented in detail on September 29.

In an interview with Le Point published last week, de Meo said Dacia should not depart from its low-cost setting but also said the brand should have a “cooler” image.

De Meo, who in a previous role at Fiat FCA.MI had relaunched the Italian automaker’s signature 500 model, is due to reveal its strategic plan for Renault in January.

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