Renault to produce next-gen Nissan Micra in France

Renault has recently made an announcement of company’s plans to make the next-generation Nissan Micra in France starting 2016. The company has plans to produce around 82,000 units a year and the production will take place at the firm’s Flins factory near Paris.

The company has promised that they will increase the domestic production by about 1/3rd which is 180,000 cars approx. in the next four years. They have already received labor concessions, including longer hours and wage restraints. According to their plans, 100,000 cars must come from the firm’s new products while the other 80,000 will be from their partners.

Earlier in the year 2010, Nissan had decided to switch the production of Micra from Sunderland, UK to Chennai, India in order to free up production capacity for the Juke. During the first quarter ended March 2013, Micra represented Nissan’s third best-selling car in Europe, after the Qashqai and Juke. According to JATO Dynamics, Nissan has sold only 13,000 units in the current first quarter which represent a huge decrease of 45 percent as compared to the corresponding first quarter of 2012.

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