Renault tells Nissan not to contact their board members

Renault Alpine A110 Sportscar 2017 Geneva show

Renault informed alliance partner Nissan to stop contacting the French company’s directors prior a Thursday board meeting as the Japanese automaker tried to share evidence of misconduct by its ousted chairman Carlos Ghosn, two sources stated.

Ever since Ghosn’s November 19 arrest in Japan, Renault and the French government, the automaker’s biggest shareholder, have looked forward to discover the findings of a Nissan internal investigation that consist allegations of financial misconduct by the 64-year-old executive.

Ghosn was charged on Monday in Japan for failure to declare deferred income he had agreed to receive for the five years ending March 2015. While Nissan ousted him as chairman days after his arrest, he is still chairman and CEO of its French partner.

Renault’s board meets on December 13, and the findings of Nissan’s investigation are set to be shared at the meeting where Ghosn’s future could be also debated, one of the sources with knowledge of the matter stated.

The French firm informed Nissan not to contact its directors ahead of the meeting, as such contact was outside the agreed channels for communication of the sensitive findings, the source stated.

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