Renault unions order stoppages due to labour deal proposals

Renault MVP

Unions at Renault have called for demonstrations and work stoppages on Tuesday at the French automaker’s Flins plant located west of Paris as they withstand demands for higher working time flexibility.

The CGT, CFT and FO unions are all supporting the stoppages, labor agents informed Reuters, as they work out a new three-year competitiveness deal with management to change a previous one struck in 2013.

The unions are against propositions to permit factory managers to order mandatory overtime for employees at shorter notification, and to push back overtime payments to the end of the year.

In return for promises to maintain domestic production and invest 720 million euros ($774 million) in plants and training, management likewise wants support for strategies to raise efficiency to 90 cars per worker annually from 64 presently.

Under the proposals, the automaker likewise wants to cut in half the amount of temporary workers used in Renault’s French plants by 2019 from 8,000 now.

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