Rendered speculation: ALMS-style 2010 Camaro by Bo Zolland

ALMS-style CamaroSwedish designer Bo Zolland from VizualTech has created amazing renderings of a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro based racer for the American Le Mans Series (ALMS).

Mr. Zolland has done an amazing job as always. The widebody kit makes room for huge wheels and tires.

Other upgrades include large front air dam, rear diffuser, large wing, fender vents front and rear and side skirts.

Unfortunately this is just an idea and we won’t be seeing anything like that on the ALMS series. Maybe GM or someone else likes the idea and in the GT class we will see a Camaro based racer as well?

2 Replies to “Rendered speculation: ALMS-style 2010 Camaro by Bo Zolland”

  1. As far as I’ve heard, GM is not backing any Camaro based racing efforts. They’ve got too much money in the C6R program and the Camaro is already out selling the Mustang and Charger. It just doesn’t make financial sense. Not to mention they just don’t have the financial ability. Looks great…won’t happen if GM has to back it. Would be awesome to see someone build it for the SPEED world challenge series though!!!

  2. Agree 100% that GM will never do it, but it is still a great looking concept. This could be a base for a road legal supercar though.

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