Report: BMW X1 US Launch Delayed Until After 2013 Midcycle Freshening

So far, having the X1 in their range has been the equivalent to a license to print money for BMW. However, introduced at the 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show, the X1 went on sale across Europe in 2010, Asia and even Canada, being originally scheduled to arrive at U.S. dealers in late 2010 or in the spring of 2011, but the arrival was pushed back to this fall.

The delay was reportedly due to strong demand in Europe, with production at Leipzig plant in Germany already at full capacity. Also add the expected demand of the recovering U.S. market, and BMW would have egg on its face for not being able do keep up with demand.

While BMW said at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show in January, it had postponed the U.S. introduction of the X1 until late 2011, at the earliest, in April, the company said there was still “no decision yet ” on U.S. plans for the car, although BMW Canada confirmed that its dealers would begin selling the X1 later this year. Following this announcement, back in May, BMW’s US chief Jim O’Donnell suggested the arrival would be pushed back even further, towards the end of 2012. The reason this time was that demand was booming for the X3, which made a lot more money for the company.

“It can be a positive to wait until the midcycle change and bring in a freshened vehicle,” a BMW executive told Inside Line. “Global demand for the X1 is still extremely strong in markets where our volume potential is high for this type of vehicle. Here in the U.S., the X3 is and likely will continue to be our volume (crossover).”

Finally, according to Inside Line, the delay will be pushed even further, most likely to the arrival of the facelifted version, which is expected to be unveiled in 2013.

Source: InsideLine

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  1. Fawn Dove Cox says:

    This sucks that the US launch of X! is belayed again…until end of 2012 most likely. Hard to blame them as they are making tons of money selling x11 elsewhere and like they said, promoting the X3 where they make even bigger bucks, hard to blame them but I’m now taking my self off the X1 watch list and syonara to BMW….BMW now annoys me and they have nerve overcharging on their cars anyway…why would they still try to sell outdated 2011 3 series for $40K…I’d sell those “dinosaurs” as a fire sale…come one come all, we broker the mold….328i’s all on sale guaranteed to be out door under $30k, help us remove these oldies..yeah right. wheatev

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